TRE, founded in 2005, is a fashion apparel company based in Bali. It was conceived by three people from different educational backgrounds and ideas. The journey began as a simple casual apparel brand that offered the people of Bali tropical street wear. We have come a long way and it has not been easy, but worthwhile and amazingly fun. At TRE, our fans are like family, who have grown and supported us from the very beginning. Now, we pride ourselves in using only quality local fabrics and manufacturing at our sister company, Bengkel Baju. Quality assurance and environmental safety is our never-falling standard aimed at providing better living for the community around us. In 2013, TRE expanded to Jakarta with the collection available at a retail store in Kemang. This was how the renowned Indonesian celebrity, Pevita Pearce, got to know TRE. She was so interested in our UK flags Crop tee which caught her eyes, and heart. This was how a bond was formed between TRE and Pevita Pearce. In 2014, we had our first project collaboration with her. Now, she’s already a partner with us as a shareholder.